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Nurse Bettie- New York, New York (Lower East Side)

If you enjoy well crafted and thoughtful cocktails, one of the best places for a cocktail/drink in NYC (LES) is Nurse Bettie. While the physical space is pretty small, the vibe of the place is huge. The bartenders give everyone individual attention and are very accommodating. THE EVIL ONE is a drink with Tequila that has so much class and power it makes you. want another instantly. The drink is very tasteful, however, they have a friendly pour that you can taste a 4am night on your pallet. Look at the specials on the mirror for other more common drink options which are a go to when you want to take it easy on a weeknight. On the weekends, expect the place to be packed with locals after 9pm, however, they tend to come in for a drink or two, then head to another place. One of the most impressive things about the staff is they normally ask you for your name and like to call you by you name the rest of the night (of course bc it's your name). That attention to detail drives our feelings side of our brain into a remarkable frenzy. Perfect place to take a date for the second or third date, because you can talk, people watch, and drink in a low lite atmosphere with couches and outdoor seating.

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