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Peru With Local Advice- Lima, Peru (South American)

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

In January 2022, we took a trip to Peru to explore and get away as the pandemic lighted up a tad. We went with the intention of doing little to no research. The goal was to speak with locals about thing to do that fit our personality. This is what the Vexo app is alll about, connecting with locks. With limited Spanish, people provided some of the most remarkable local places that were unforgettable. While simple and local, all of these places opened our eyes to the Peruvian culture and social norms. One place you should visit if you like amazing and budget friendly food is 'Panchita'(Picture below shows one appetizer, see more on Vexo app) that's about a 15 min walk from Kennedy Park (where there are "wild" roaming cats). Make sure you ask for one of the Peruvian special drinks called "Pisco Sour" or a "Chilcano". While delicious, this drink gets your thoughts and wheels spinning with only two (2). I'm a drinker, 6' 4" and 205 pounds 😀.

One of the famous local sculpture's in Lima, Peru is called El Beso (photo below). Every February 14th the Miraflores area in Peru, locals celebrate love and friendship but having a kissing contest, where the last kissing wins (unsure what the prize is). The contest goal is to see who can kiss the longest (don't go with some you don't want to kiss). It's pretty cool although vendors with attempt to pressure you to buy flowers etc.

The other picture below shows the beautiful coastline of Lima Peru. Unlike the tourist luring photos, one thing we learned from the locals is, the daily weather is cloudy and between 70-80 degrees (F) all year around. The water is beautiful, cold and good luck find an easy entrance to the beaches. As a traveler, you should find your beach entrances before you leave your hotel or Airbnb. Walking in Lima is beautiful but if you are short on time and/or have lots of things to carry, maybe look into getting a ride if you are not driving (not recommended for tourist). Uber is very cheap and reliable in Lima,Peru, which was our main source of transportation. On average, a ride from the Lince District to Miraflores cost about $7-$9 (USD). After meeting one of the the locals, lets call her MU, she took us to a less desirable but safe place called Callao. It's about 10-15 from Miraflores ($8 Uber) or other areas of Lima. You can get a cheap boat to see the seals or stay on land to enjoy the wonderful foods and local shops. We also sat for a while to watch the kids jump from the wall of the city into the Pacific Ocean. If you are interested in a less popular but a better local vibe other than Machu Picchu, visit the Sacsayhuaman for the same experience in Cusco which is about a 20 hour drive, therefore, I'd recommend you fly for 2 hours. Lastly, for food, good beer, cocktails, and local crowd, head to "Houlihan's". We watched a Peru futbol (soccer) match there and 90% of the crowd were locals, cheering on the national team and signing the national anthem of Peru. It was a outstanding experience.Peru has some of the best food I've ever had in my life. Highly recommend traveling to Peru for a fun, safe and foodie experience. If you want a local experience, Vexo connects you with locals around the world at your request. We are primarily in NYC, however, at your request, we will find locals in your area. Salud!

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